Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Little About Me...

Well, I was convinced by friends that my creating a blog about my cooking escapades might be fun. So, here it is two weeks before Christmas and having plenty of other things to keep me busy, I post my blog entry. I hope this is the first of many entries to Let's Live to Eat!

I am a 40-something year old, average guy who lives in the state of Wisconsin with his partner of almost 17 years, Kevin, our greyhound named Sadie, and our demonic cat, Jimmy. I am obsessed with food. I will try anything once and have very little that I refuse to eat. I love to test new recipes out in hopes of success but we all know sometimes that does not work out so well!

I started cooking back in my early teens and would sometimes torture my family with recipes that were not so good. I currently work in the wonderful world of education but latently desire to own a small diner. Maybe someday! Nothing big or fancy, strictly small time. Breakfast, Lunch and Early Supper.


  1. ok so this could be a cool thing, even tho my lab results weren't so cool.

  2. When you open that diner, please hire me as waitress/marketing. thank you.


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