Saturday, January 16, 2010

Did you know...Keeping pancakes hot

Pancakes are one of the best breakfast foods ever.  But, like waffles, the first ones of the group always get cold or dried out.  And as you will probably guess, tomorrow's post will be THE BEST pancake recipe ever.  Whenever I make pancakes this recipe is always requested.  Thick and bubbly but as light as a feather.

Most of the oven set at the lowest temperature will keep pancakes hot. But, do you ever find that the finished pancakes dry out by the time you get to the end of the batter?

As shown in photo #1, place a heat-proof dish over a pan of simmering water.  As you finish cooking each batch of pancakes, place them on the hot plate as see in photo #2.  You can also lightly drape a piece of follow over the top as well.

This great method for keeping the pancakes warm was shared in the January/February 2007 issue of Cook's Illustrated magazine.

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