Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Inevitable

I should have realized back then. My destiny was written from an early age, except I didn't know it. All the signs were there.

If I only knew then about my love for food and cooking. Oh, the things that I would have done differently. As you know from the story of my cornbread escapades, I did get involved with cooking at an early age. This involvement has continued every day of my life since then.

Had I been smart, I would have gone to culinary school. People always said that I was so good at cooking. Did I think of that...Noooooo! Did I listen...Noooooo! Go to school for business and make oodles of money. That was the path I thought was right.

At sixteen, I remember the only things I asked for my birthday were a soup tureen, napkin rings and a wok. Really, at sixteen, that was the best I could come up with? Why didn't I see the signs then? How much more could I have been smacked in the face?

In the picture you will see my joy at wearing the packing materials from my new wok.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am happy with my life. And who knows, I could have gone to culinary school, become a chef and truly hated it. I sincerely doubt it but it could have happened that way. Here I am in my 40's thinking about the things I should/could have done. Some may say that it is never too late. And who knows, maybe someday?

Throughout my life, my parents have always encouraged me in all of my endeavors. I just wonder what would have happened to me had one of us thought of this path. How would things have been different? What would I be doing now? Would I still love food? Would I weigh 100 pounds more? I can surely say that the answer to the last two questions would be “Yes”.

So, I urge everyone; if you have an interest or passion in food, pursue it! Who knows it may be your dream come true!


  1. I always felt the same way, and even 10 years ago, I was seriously looking into the jr college program here. It is said that Joliet jc has an excellent culinary program. But, my life took an unexpected turn and that dream was not able to be realized.I say, if you feel that passionately about something do it. Take one course to see how things go. Maybe you won't like cooking school, but at least find out.

  2. Steve, you're only in your 40s - you sound like you've got one foot in the grave. If you want something, go for it. 80-year-old people are going back to college to get degrees, running Iron Man triathlons, jumping out of airplanes. If they can do that, you, as a young pup in your 40s, can certainly live the life you want! Linda

  3. It is never to late!!!!!!!!!


  4. This blog might even push me to do it! You never know!

  5. I DARE YOU!!!!!!


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