Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Weather is Changing!

Now that the first day of spring has arrived and we are in the midst of weather that is in the 50s during the day, I am getting the urge to start grilling.  Time to pull the grill out of storage, clean it, and replace any of the parts that may not have weathered winter well. 

It really doesn't matter whether you are a fan of charcoal or gas, as long as you are outside enjoying the weather and grilling.  There is nothing better than the charred edges of a burger or juicy steak.  I think the thing I am looking forward the most is to making pizzas on the grill.  The crust on the grill gets those great marks and remains so crusty.

We have one of each type of grill.  At the cabin, we have an old-fashioned charcoal grill.  When we are up there, we have plenty of time to let the coals heat through.  Nothing better than sitting out in the woods on the porch with a cool beverage while a steak or burger is done to perfection over those hot coals.  This past summer I discovered hardwood charcoal and LOVE it.  No more charcoal briquettes for me.

At home, we have a gas grill.  When we come home from work and are hungry, we really don't have the patience to wait for coals to heat through.  The one thing that I do like about the gas grill is that it is so much easier to control the temperature while cooking.  But, my preference is charcoal. 

So, whether charcoal or gas, the main thing to remember is to get out there during the nice weather and do some grilling.  Before you know it the grill will need to get put away for the winter!


  1. Steve, There is a way to guage your grill temp by holding your had above the grill and counting how long you can keep it there before pulling it away. I think 2-3 second is hot, 5-6 secs. Medium. Also I found that a charcoal chimney is a great way to get all of your coals heated quickly and evenly. IT is the best $12 investment I have made for grilling. I prefer charcoal over gas all summer long.

  2. Great tip, Jon~ Will have to try that this year.


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