Monday, June 21, 2010

An Unusual Graduation Party...One of the BEST!

On Saturday of this past weekend, both Kevin and I enjoyed the gorgeous weather by spending it at my cousin Joe's (pictured below) graduation party.  Joe just graduated from St. Xavier University on Chicago's south side.  He made us all proud graduating with a bachelor's degree in education.

That being said, this wouldn't be a food blog if I weren't going to talk about the most important part - the food!  Joe's mom, my aunt Marian (Menoor, to those that regularly read the blog), gave him the choice of any food he wanted.  First of all, with my family, most people would think Italian - pasta, sausage, or meatballs, but no.  The second most obvious choice would be a barbeque - hot dogs, hamburgers, or potato salad, but no.  Let's go with the third most obvious choice, Chinese - how unique!  Not to mention, one of our favorite foods.
They catered in Chinese food from one of their local favorites.  There was Monogolian Pork with just enough heat and sweet. Fried rice, white rice, Beef Subgum (beef, vegetables and brown sauce), a great chicken dish, and egg rolls, to mention a few. The parents of Joe's girlfriend, Kara, brought in a great veggie pizza as well.  The food was great.  I went back up for seconds, but who wouldn't have guessed it!

And now on to dessert!  One of my aunt's specialties are chocolate-dipped strawberries.  She will make them by the dozens.  Typically they are made with white or milk chocolate and she always finds the juiciest berries. She also made chocolate covered bananas.  My personal favorite.  In addition to those, there were chocolate-dipped fortune cookies, a great chocolate cake, and Coldstone Creamery ice cream cupcakes in a chocolate shell.
It was also great to see all of my family in one place. With all of us scattered over two states, it rarely happens. Joe, we are so proud of you!  We know that with your talent and dedication, you will do great things!  Congrats!  And, thanks again for the great food!


  1. Thanks Steven for the great entry! You've made me famous now. Hmmm, what will we think of next?

  2. AnonymousJune 21, 2010

    Sounds like it was a wonderful afternoon all the way around. Congrats to Joe!


  3. AnonymousJune 22, 2010

    This was very nice of you to do this - keep up the good work!



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