Monday, January 18, 2010

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives...The Comet Cafe in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As most of you will know, my dream is to open up a diner of my own.  The show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives has #1 priority on the DVR.  Since the show started, three episodes were filmed in Wisconsin restaurants.  Two were in Milwaukee and one in Kenosha. 

The Comet Cafe was the second diner to be visited by Guy Fieri and the crew of "The Triple D".  The diner is located on Farwell Avenue on Milwaukee's eastside.  Both Kevin and I have been dying to go there to try one of their specialties. Yesterday, we went there with our friends Linda and Dave.  The Comet is known for serving everthing with bacon.  At 5:30 p.m., if you are sitting at the bar and order a beer, the bartender will not put down a basket of popcorn or nuts, but a basket of bacon.  That's right, buckets of unending bacon on the bar!  Can life get any better?

Well, as you would expect, it could get better.  The Open-Faced Meatloaf stands about 7-inches high and is comprised of two slices of homemade caraway rye, a thick slab of meatloaf baked in a bacon-lined loaf pan, a heaping scoop of bacon dripping infused, homemade mashed potatoes, two strips of bacon, two slices of tomato, grilled onions, all smothered in hot gravy.  This was one of the best meatloaf sandwiches that I have ever had.  But, with all of the bacon involved, how could it not be?

As you can see by the glazed look on my face, I was definitely enjoying the sandwich.  Flavor of the meatloaf of just like "Grandma" used to make and the mashed potatoes were delicious.  The gravy was just a bit salty but terrific nonetheless.  Next time we will try the AJ's Compact Turkey Dinner, soft-ball sized croquettes of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes deep-fried and smothered in gravy.

If you are ever on the east side of Milwaukee and looking for a quick bite to eat, I would definitely recommend the Comet Cafe,  . And, if you have a thirst to quench, I would suggest getting the Beermosa, a specialty white beer combined with orange juice.  One would not think it would taste good, but this little cocktail on a warm sunny afternoon would go down VERY smoothly!

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  1. that looks fantastic.... mmmm bacon


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