Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Surprise for Me!

Last week I had to work late almost every night.  We were planning on the fast food route for dinner but when I walked in the door that night I was greeted with the warmest, comforting smell!  Kevin had decided to make Beef Stroganoff for dinner.

For those that know Kevin, there are a few things he makes from scratch.  He makes THE BEST meatloaf, a version of stuffed cabbage that would give my grandmother's a run for the money, and a great lemon chicken.  Now, he has a new dish to add to the list.  Beef Stroganoff. He found the recipe on the web ( and surprised me with a great dinner. 

After a long, hard week at work (for both of us), he took the time to make dinner from scratch!  Reason #1,689,839 for why I love him!

I have attached the picture below but I don't have the recipe because he didn't leave it up on the computer.  So, just remember to thank the ones that surprise you because they care!  Thank you!

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  1. What wonderful & warm sentiments Steve. You are both so fortunate to have each other and the skills to create fantastic, flavorful dishes. Here's to celebrating love and the ability to "Eat to Live"!!!!

    Friend Linda


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